Samsung Galaxy S10: price, availability and brief info

New generation of Galaxy S10 series looks incredible good and brings a number of innovations. Along with large full-front displays smartphones come with dual and triple cameras, powerful processors and 24h batteries. 

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Brand new generation of smartphones Samsung Galaxy S10 series are probably the most advanced devices in the world. One of the most interesting technology is fingerprint scanner built into the display, like flag-ship model from Chinese brand Huawei.




Samsung actually unveiled three versions of new S-series:

Samsung Galaxy S10e is the smaller one with 5,8-inch Full HD+ display with laser cut hole for front camera and with rear dual-camera.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is standard model with 6,1-inch Quad HD+ curved display and tripple rear camera. This model also comes with telescope optics and wide-range optics, in-display build fingerprint scanner and fantastic 512 GB of memory.

Samsung Galaxy S10 + (S10 Plus) is the most advanced and, of course, most expensive model. Memory up to unbelievable 1 GT, two front HD cameras, tripple rear cameras and 6,3″ Quad HD+ Infinity-O display.


Sales in Slovakia will start 8th March 2019 and prices will reflect rich technological equipment:




Price for Slovakia        

Sales Start

Galaxy S10+ 1 TB

Ceramic Black

1 599 €

8th March 2019            

Galaxy S10+ 512 GB

Ceramic Black

1 249 €

8th March 2019

Galaxy S10+ 128 GB

Black, White, Green

999 €

8th March 2019

Galaxy S10 512 GB

Black, White, Green


8th March 2019

Galaxy S10 128 GB

Black, White, Green

899 €

8th March 2019

Galaxy S10e 128 GB          

Black, White, Green, Yellow    

749 €

8th March 2019



From left: Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+